What is it?

The Startup People Clinic is a free drop in clinic for startups who care about their people, but who don’t have access to professional support or guidance. We spend time in a co-working space, present briefly on a couple of topics that may be of interest with a Q&A, but then make ourselves available for 1:1 sessions.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Come tell us about any specific people activities you are working through - e.g. hiring, objective setting, shaping your culture - and we can provide guidance.

  • Come and talk to us about your business and your team, and we can help you work out what people-related improvements you could make.

Who runs the clinic?

The clinic is run by Rich Littledale and Craig Winterton. Rich is Founder of PeopleUp Consulting (www.peopleuphq.com) and an experienced Occupational Psychologist and HR consultant. Until January 2018 Rich was Managing Consultant and head of the Digital team at YSC, the industry-leading talent and leadership consultancy. Craig is Head of People at Scape Technologies.

What kind of People or HR issues do we specialise in?

We are experienced and well networked professionals, and if you bring questions we can’t answer we can connect you with someone. However, if you have any questions in these areas we can help right away:

  • Hiring the right people

  • Getting the team working more effectively

  • Dealing with difficult conversations

  • Evaluating performance

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Setting up objectives (OKRs) and measuring performance

  • Training and building capability

  • Motivating and engaging the team

  • Culture and values

  • HR technology

What does it cost?

Nothing. PeopleUp offers the People Clinic as a way to give something to the startup community. However, it is also a valuable networking opportunity for us. If you want help that falls outside the clinic, we can talk about what you can offer at your stage of growth.