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Startup leaders and investors know that their people - the team and culture - determine whether they succeed or fail.

But they are not people experts, and when their businesses are growing quickly, they make people mistakes.

Some of these mistakes will be obvious, others won't become clear until it is too late. 

PeopleUp has a unique combination of deep psychological expertise and first hand startup experience that makes us an ideal people partner and advisor. We help startups and those who support them to understand and repair the mistakes they have already made, and to make better people decisions in the future. We help startups become great with people, so they can create and grow great companies.

Startup Leaders

Startup leaders have a passion for their product and for the innovation opportunities that technology creates. They know the value of their people - and often have good instincts - but rarely have a specialist people skillset. They may also lack some of the skills and experience they need to adapt their leadership as the business grows.

As their business expands this lack of expertise and experience can be exposed. PeopleUp offers on demand people expertise and services for startup leaders who do not need - or want - an HR department.

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Startup People Clinic

East London Startup People Clinic is a free drop in clinic for startups who care about their people, but who don’t have access to professional support or guidance.

The clinic is run by Rich Littledale and Craig Winterton. Rich is the founder of PeopleUp. Craig is Head of People at Scape Technologies

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