"Today's solutions are tomorrow's problems". Larry E. Greiner, 1972.

When fast growth is needed, startups have a tendency to put people issues on the back burner, or to use temporary fixes. This stores up risks that can derail the business at a later date.

what can you do about this?

As a startup leader you may never have had structured support of the kind that PeopleUp offers. That's ok. Take a look at the challenges outlined below. If any of it sounds familiar, or if you just have a nagging feeling that there may be something you are missing, contact PeopleUp for a free consultation. You don't need to know what help you might need - you just need to know about your business. Or you can pop along to one of our Startup People Clinics for a taster.

The Solution

The Problem


  • Hiring team members who go on to fail
  • Unconscious bias limiting diversity of perspective and experience 


  • Bringing science, rigour and structure to your hiring decisions - improving your hit rate and reducing bias


  • 1:1 or team coaching for founders and senior leaders who have to adapt their role or style
  • Team interventions to remove barriers to openness and trust when pivot or persist decisions need to be made
  • Founders getting in the way of their team when it grows
  • Founder relationships deteriorating

Supporting & Engaging the Team

  • Failing to give the right level of stretch - leading to disengagement or burnout
  • Losing critical staff to competitors


  • Interventions to support individual resilience
  • Helping you select, implement and use people technology focused on performance, objectives or engagement (BetterWorks, Lattice, 15Five, Peakon)

Organisation & Culture

  • No back up plan for critical staff
  • Toxic cultural traits - bro culture or "brilliant jerks"


  • Light touch talent management, helping you find and develop internal talent in a systematic way
  • Interventions to help you shape, monitor and course correct on culture